the Camp




The essential mission of The Camp is to create interiors that coherently combine sophistication and comfort. Luxurious decor need not be too stiff or precious.The camp is where you set up your retreat, your base of operations, your place to play...

The Camp successfully pursues modern aesthetics and conveniences; however, a nod to tradition is always encouraged. As a full service interior design firm, we cultivate an intimate understanding of our clients' desires and utilitarian needs. Also, the execution of this collective vision is directed by the extent of the client's time, budget, and enthusiasm. Scope-wise, we can take care of everything from updating an already established space, to conceptualizing and project managing a gut renovation. 

The process of creating (or updating) your space should be a fun process. The Camp strives to infuse the experience with the right balance of levity and security. Our clients are supported through the process of discovering their own style, and then having it applied by an expert hand. All contractors and sub-contractors are thoroughly vetted; furnishings and materials can be a mixture of the highest quality custom goods, and catalogue or vintage offerings. 

The Camp is an experience just as much as a service. Interior decorating is a reflection of the client's identity and wishes, and we insist on delivering the goods. After all, we are in the business of forging spaces for living, not just looking at. If design is alchemy, The Camp is the lab.