the Camp




The Camp's founder and principal designer, Julia Leigh Sergeon, was born and raised in New York City. Her upbringing was steeped in art and design. After attending The Spence School, she received her BA from Williams College. 

At the end of her east coast schooling, Julia moved to Los Angeles. There she explored her creativity, as both a stylist and fashion design consultant. However, during this she maintained an amateur dedication to interior design. 

Upon moving back to NYC, a position at Nest Decor presented itself. Julia moved speedily up the ranks under the tutelage of  a number of senior designers. The Nest team worked on numerous apartments in the city, as well as homes in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. 

Julia learned the ins and outs of space, style, and client service. The Camp was established as an independent avenue to pursue small projects, writing work for, prop styling for photoshoots, and real estate staging. It has blossomed into a full service interior design firm that has satisfied residential and commercial clients in NYC, Los Angeles, Boston, and The Hamptons. We continue to flourish, and are thrilled to execute projects far and wide.